TV medium has been branded as highly expensive in recent times. Big players can afford the massive reach out by signing up with celebrities and showing ads at prime time at exorbitant rates. Smaller players can not and that is when they went increasingly digital.

The medium started getting adopted by small players, unique messaging methods and formats and the reach also was limited. Companies who advertised in this medium were happy since large players were away from this since digital market share was low.

Times are different now.

Large companies now reckon digital media as a solid force in reaching out to a large section at a fraction of the cost they shell on traditional media. And they are entering it big-time. While the digital platforms – Search and Paid search and other display ad formats are still there and affordable to even smaller players, the effect is becoming similar to what is observed in TV medium as well.

Search Engine Optimization – While smaller companies with small team sizes can churn out content with one or two content authors, large companies now have team sizes of authors over 100. The massive rate of churning out content outweighs the 2 blogs per week approach of smaller players. Same with Google Adwords – while campaigns are A/B tested, tweaked and executed to increase quality score of the campaigns to reduce the price, bigger players can tweak the cost per click bid and come up on the top paid search results. At times, a keyword can even go as high as 35$ and even more. Smaller players are slowly receding back with these keywords and going on more long-tail to keep the costs low.

And with such high octane push of marketing material from companies, one thing is happening for sure – immunity to these ads are growing. So ad impressions are resulting in fewer click throughs. And that is just like TV. Its just a matter of time when people start switching Youtube channels just because there is a Can’t Skip Ad playing on one channel before the actual video is streamed.

What do you feel?